Capacity Building and Disbursements Team

About the team

The Capacity Building and Disbursements Team is responsible for interfacing with the campaigns Climate 200 is supporting, understanding their needs and what Climate 200 can do to help. The team will also be responsible for processing funding applications, providing disbursements recommendations to the Executive Director and the Disbursements Committee, and overseeing disbursements.

The team’s objective is to make Climate 200 as useful as possible to selected campaigns. The team will be a key point of contact, listening to campaigns, anticipating their needs, and building the connections, processes, and infrastructure required for them to succeed at the upcoming federal election.

Climate 200 is small and entrepreneurial. Success will require everyone involved to be proactive and flexible.

As a starting point, the Capacity Building and Disbursements team will comprise a Capacity Building and Disbursements Manager, and two Campaign Advisers. The team will also likely manage a range of capacity building subcontractors.

Team outcomes
  • Strong relationships with key campaigns.
    You build strong, respectful, and productive relationships with key campaigns.
  • Campaign infrastructure that anticipates campaigns’ needs.
    You anticipate what campaigns will need to succeed, and build networks of contractors and experts across web, design, media, research, organising, etc. to ensure campaigns can scale up quickly.
  • Responding to campaigns’ needs.
    You understand that our role is to enable and facilitate campaigns, not to direct them; you listen to local leaders and help Climate 200 to add value respectfully and responsively.
  • Value and professionalism in expenditure.
    You help Climate 200 and supported campaigns to achieve great value for donors’ contributions.
  • Local line of sight.
    You have great visibility of how campaigns are progressing and provide valuable input into decisions on where resources are allocated.
  • Volunteer power.
    You channel non-financial offers of support from the Climate 200 community effectively to where that can have impact.
Team Leader

You have managed small, nimble teams and contractors in dynamic, fast-paced work environments and have delivered results under pressure.

Required experience

●   10 years + of relevant professional experience

●   Campaign management experience, preferably in politics

●   Experience managing small, nimble, and creative teams

●   Experience designing and/or overseeing grants programs

●   Experience working with community organisations or groups

●   Undergraduate degree or higher

Salary scale

$120,000–$130,000 + super pro rata for the period of employment

Start date  


End date

8 weeks after the upcoming federal election in 2022.


Full time.


Preferred Sydney, but open to remote working for the right candidate.  

Advisors x 2

Critical executor roles with the skills and tenacity to get the job done. Between the two roles, we need folks who can cover most of the following:

  • Data analysis and empirical thinking.
    We take a data-driven approach to communications and need someone with the skills to help gather and interpret data including voter research and engagement and reach metrics.
  • Political and communications savvy.
    What more needs said?
  • Digital engagement and advertising.
    Skills for persuasion at scale.
  • Relationships and respect.
    In large part, we are here to facilitate and support grassroots campaigns. That means doing politics differently, with humility and respect for locals. Relational skills are key.