Communications & Analytics Team

About the team

This Communications and Analytics Team is responsible for managing our political messaging, research, and media (both bought and earned).

As a starting point, the Team will comprise a manager, 2-3 strategic comms advisers, a designer, and a political data analyst.  

Climate 200 is small and entrepreneurial. Success will require everyone involved to be proactive and flexible.

Team outcomes
  • Making the case for independents and a strong crossbench by effectively mobilising Climate 200 and its stable of spokespeople and allies.
  • Climate, integrity, and gender-equity are salient for voters. Target voters have these issues top of mind as voting issues on election day.
  • Campaigns are supported to communicate well. A program of research, training and media to support values-aligned campaigns to succeed.
  • Effective paid media program. We may not have Clive Palmer’s deep pockets, but we think you can find high-value opportunities to prosecute the argument without buying the front page of the paper every day.
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