Fundraising & Community Team

About the team
Team outcomes

The resources to win.
We are playing to win, and the opposition includes political incumbents with tens of millions of dollars, and Clive Palmer who will spend close to $100m trying to skew the election. This team’s job is to supercharge our fundraising.

A great supporter experience.
Ensuring our donors (5,500 and growing) feel thanked, respected, and included. An empowered and connected community. There’s a growing movement abuzz with energy for this strategy; you will manage systems and staff that can nurture and feed that community, and inject their voices into everything we do at an organisational level.

Amplifying local campaigns’ fundraising.
In addition to Climate 200’s own fundraising efforts, you’ll support local grassroots campaigns to build and optimise their own efforts.

More than money.
Our community members have so much to offer, including their time, voice, expertise, and networks; you’ll build systems to triage and funnel contributions for maximum impact.

Director of Fundraising

We need someone to bring out the best in the team, and create and iterate processes that can cope with the rapid and unpredictable nature of election campaigns. Honestly, we know that professional fundraising experience is a rare commodity in Australia, so, while that would be great to have, it’s not as important for this role as leadership and management skills.

Fundraising & Community Advisors x 2

Critical executor roles with the skills and tenacity to get the job done. You don’t necessarily need fundraising experience, but between the two roles, we need folks who can cover most of the following;

  • Project management
    it’s important that our donors and supporters feel respected and appreciated; that means setting up systems to ensure we get back to them quickly and respect their time and contributions.
  • Copywriting
    Because the pen is mightier than the pork-barrel.  
  • Digital savvy
    Much of our fundraising is online; this team will be responsible for overseeing contractors to expand and optimise that. While you don’t have to be at the cutting edge of digital fundraising tactics yourself, you have to be savvy enough to manage a program that is.
  • Relationships and charm
    You will be a critical link between Climate 200 and our significant donors, so it’s critical that we can trust you to represent the organisation well in those relationships.
Fundraising Assistant

We are playing to win. That means taking on political incumbents who are spending tens of millions of dollars, and Clive Palmer who will spend close to $100m trying to skew the election.

The Fundraising Team’s job is to supercharge our fundraising so that ordinary Australians can take on the polluting coal, oil and gas companies that are writing the cheques for the major parties.

The Fundraising Team supports an empowered and connected community, flowing financial support to local campaigns, and making sure that donors are thanked, respected and included. The team will deliver the systems and staff to nurture that community and make their voices heard in Climate 200.