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Political leadership is the fastest, most effective and impactful way to fix the climate crisis. Help us change the status quo.

2023 was the hottest in 100,000 years.

Every single month of 2023 has broken temperature records. For the first time in recorded history, we have broken through the 1.5C “guardrail”, and the impacts have been severe, all around the world.

Australia’s bushfire season started early, with more homes already lost in Queensland by December than during the Black Summer fires in 2019-20. A category two cyclone and catastrophic floods soon followed.

And yet the world continues to burn fossil fuels; and Australia continues to dig up and ship out coal and gas. 

2023 was also the year that saw record high fossil fuel pollution.

We have all the knowledge, much of the technology and goodwill to stop this crisis. 

But we need leadership.

Donate now to help climate leaders run for politics and win.

Thank you!

Thank you for investing in climate leadership.

Political leadership is the fastest, most effective and impactful way to fix the climate crisis.

Together we are building a movement for change that is reshaping the political and climate status quo in Australia.

Can you bring at least one other person into this movement to double your impact?


Since 2019, we’ve helped 13 climate-focussed independents run for parliament and win.

We need your help to grow this movement for change.
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Our best chance to make significant change

We are very excited to support Climate 200 and strongly agree with their goals for action on climate, integrity, and diversity. After meeting the team at Climate 200, we know that they will make sure that every dollar donated is well-targeted and will make a real difference in getting more independent voices into Parliament.

Testimonial photo of Matt and Amy Doran
Matt and Amy Doran
The world is at a critical moment

We are proud to support Climate 200 in its mission to support local communities and their independent candidates fighting for action on climate change, equality and integrity. We need our political representation to respond to the concerns of its citizens. We know we are better together and hope you join us in this push for a safe climate and fairer future for all.

Testimonial photo of Naomi, Adam, Bec and Jake Milgrom
A commendable goal

We’re frustrated and embarrassed with the lack of meaningful action at the federal level in Australia to address the Climate Emergency. We strongly feel there is a need for more people in the federal government that have the integrity and the independence to act in the interests of future generations. Please join us in supporting the work being done by Climate 200 at this pivotal point.

Testimonial photo of Anthony, Jenna and Stuart
Anthony, Jenna and Stuart

Real people

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Real democracy

"I’m a grandmother who wants her grandchildren to see the wonderful things this earth has to offer - just like I did."
"We need more independent voices who aren’t tied to big business interests"
"It just makes economic sense to embrace climate action"
“Amid all the gloomy news, you need hope. And a good, climate and integrity-focussed candidate gives me hope for a better future.”
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