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Climate 200 is a ​​community crowdfunded initiative established in 2019 to support pro-climate, pro-integrity, and pro-gender equity candidates.

Climate 200 is not a party. It does not start campaigns, select candidates, speak for candidates, dictate policies, or have members.

We simply give strong community campaigns a leg up with funding and support.



From all 151


1/3 from

regional & rural areas

“I’ve lived in this electorate for 16 years and I’ve made more friends campaigning for Allegra than I have before.”

Nick, Bondi

“Volunteering for Sophie has given me real purpose in my life. I have given thousands of hours of my own time, and how dare [the Liberals] say that it’s a fake movement.”

Greg, retired, Mackellar

“Amid all the gloomy news, you need hope. And a good, climate and integrity-focussed candidate gives me hope for a better future.”

Jule Green, retired, Braidwood, Southern Highlands, NSW

“Seeing sensible action on climate change is my number one driving force. I’ve also been wanting to see a federal commission against corruption for years.”

Ben Jowett, electrical fitter, Tarana, Central West NSW

“An independent who doesn’t have to be told by head office how to vote and has to be answerable to the electorate not party officials is so badly needed up here.”

Jennifer Campbell, retired urban planner, Kalang, Mid-north coast, NSW

23 candidates

across the country

In communities across Australia, green shoots of democracy are sprouting, energised by remarkable candidates and strong community campaigns that have sprung up.

These independents aren’t politicians, they’re people who have made the extraordinary decision to leave their careers and their privacy and step into the harsh glare of the political spotlight.




doors knocked


phone calls made

Volunteers are the lifeblood of community-driven campaigns: it’s better to have a hundred friends, than a hundred dollars.

Unpaid and undeterred, volunteers take on the unglamourous backroom tasks so the candidate has the opportunity to engage with their electorate.

Pulling together maps and inputting data, replacing defaced yard signs, responding to media, designing t-shirts and creating TikToks.

Volunteers are ambassadors for democracy, done right.

Real people

Real conversations

Real democracy


mentions in the media

As the votes are counted, we’ll soon know how many independents have been elected and how many others have pushed previously “safe” seats marginal.

But even before that final tally is known, it’s clear that democracy, communities and the independents are already the big winners in this election.A groundswell of support behind the community independents movement has given Australians hope and is restoring faith in a damaged democracy.

Change is coming. And not a moment too soon.

And there’s so much more to come!

The 2022 federal election is just the beginning…

Help us continue pushing for greater action on climate, integrity and gender equality