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Together, we're climate-proofing politics for good.

Climate-focussed Independents are the answer.

In 2022, something incredible happened.
Through Climate 200, 11,200 Aussies donated over $13 million to help 11 climate-focussed community Independents get elected to the federal Parliament.
We’re already seeing how they can improve our federal climate, integrity, and gender-equality policy, as well as improve the tone of the debate in Parliament.
We struck at the root cause of Australia’s climate inaction, but we didn’t cut all the way through. Despite the historic victory, we’re not there yet.
Australia will continue to be a climate laggard unless climate-focussed Independents raise the level of ambition and change politics-as-usual across the country.
Help us build this movement and change climate politics in Australia.
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Our best chance to make significant change

We are very excited to support Climate 200 and strongly agree with their goals for action on climate, integrity, and diversity. After meeting the team at Climate 200, we know that they will make sure that every dollar donated is well-targeted and will make a real difference in getting more independent voices into Parliament.

Testimonial photo of Matt and Amy Doran
Matt and Amy Doran
The world is at a critical moment

We are proud to support Climate 200 in its mission to support local communities and their independent candidates fighting for action on climate change, equality and integrity. We need our political representation to respond to the concerns of its citizens. We know we are better together and hope you join us in this push for a safe climate and fairer future for all.

Testimonial photo of Naomi, Adam, Bec and Jake Milgrom
A commendable goal

We’re frustrated and embarrassed with the lack of meaningful action at the federal level in Australia to address the Climate Emergency. We strongly feel there is a need for more people in the federal government that have the integrity and the independence to act in the interests of future generations. Please join us in supporting the work being done by Climate 200 at this pivotal point.

Testimonial photo of Anthony, Jenna and Stuart
Anthony, Jenna and Stuart

Communities are mobilising. Let’s get behind them.

Every week, we get requests from communities around the country who want their own David Pocock, Zali Steggall, or Zoe Daniel.
They’re asking us for help. They need training, resources, and small grants to kickstart their community campaigns.
With the right support, many of them can succeed. But they need help right now. The 2022 federal election taught us that successful grassroots campaigns take time.
Give them a fighting chance.
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Join 11,500+ Aussies striking at the root of the climate crisis

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"I’m a grandmother who wants her grandchildren to see the wonderful things this earth has to offer - just like I did."
"We need more independent voices who aren’t tied to big business interests"
"It just makes economic sense to embrace climate action"
“Amid all the gloomy news, you need hope. And a good, climate and integrity-focussed candidate gives me hope for a better future.”