Campaign support

Climate 200 helps strong community groups run for office, and win.

Our 11,200+ donors are everyday Australians who want strong independents in Parliament who are pro-climate, pro-integrity and pro-gender equality.
We are interested in supporting strong community campaigns at the upcoming 2025 federal election.
If you run a community-backed campaign whose values align with those of our donors then we’d love to hear from you.
We're looking for strong community groups with demonstrated growth.
New MP: Monique Ryan
New senator: David Pocock
New MP: Allegra Spender
New MP: Zoe Daniel

Community Development Organisations

If you’re not well established yet, please see the resources below on how to start and grow a community movement.
Want to know if a 'Voices Of' organisation or other community group already exists in your area? It’s not exhaustive but you can find a good list here.
Voices 4 Indi logo
Voices for Indi
The first community-backed independent group that successfully elected Cathy McGowan in 2013.
Community Independents Project logo
Community Independents Project
Headed by Cathy McGowan, The Community Independents Project provides information, training and support to start and grow a community movement to support an independent.
Women For Election logo
Women for Election
An organisation providing non-partisan training, workshops and networking for women wishing to get elected


Byron Fay speaking at The National Press Club Australia
Byron Fay: Climate 200's role in the 2022 election
Byron Fay, Climate 200 Executive Director, delivers an Address to the National Press Club of Australia.
Simon Holmes a Court speaking at The National Press Club Australia
Simon Holmes à Court: Finding active hope in politics
Simon Holmes à Court addresses the National Press Club of Australia on "Independents and Climate - the hope to end the lost decade".
Two hands holding Simon Holmes à Court's new book: The Big Teal
The Big Teal by Simon Holmes à Court
This is the story of how a team of inspired young tech-heads and older sages used their real and virtual-world experience to help a cluster of communities get the representation they wanted.
Our Impact Report for 2023
This reports covers the enormous impact Climate 200-supported community groups across the nation have had since the 2022 Federal Election.
Community Electorate Group Register
People in communities all around the nation are actively reclaiming democracy by the people, for the people, forming purpose driven, grassroots groups.
Photo of the book 'Independents' Day' by Brook Turner
Independents' Day by Brook Turner
The inside story of the community independents and volunteers who changed Australian politics forever
Photo of the book 'The Teal Revolution' by Margot Saville
The Teal Revolution by Margot Saville
In The Teal Revolution, journalist Margot Saville brings an insider’s view of the extraordinary 2022 election campaign in Wentworth and other key Teal seats.
Photo of the book 'The Indi Way' by Dr Helen Haines
The Indi Way
A behind-the-scenes account of how a rural community found its own voice, elected its own independent representatives, and inspired a national movement that is transforming Australian politics.
Cover image for Climate 200's podcast: The Independents
The Independents Podcast
All around the country independent candidates with courage and vision are stepping up to challenge the political status quo. Listen to their stories.
Photo of the book: The People Are Interested In Politics, standing on an orange background.
The People Are Interested in Politics
'The People Are Interested In Politics: How a rural community sparked an Australian political movement' by Voices for Indi
Former MP, Cathy McGowan, holding a copy of her book: Cathy Goes to Canberra
Cathy Goes to Canberra
Cathy Goes to Canberra is an inspiring tale and a primer for other communities and individuals looking to create meaningful change.
Cathy McGowan speaking in parliament on the ABC show: Australian Story
Independent candidates' secret weapon to win election seats
Australian Story follows the hustings of a 68-year-old farmer from Victoria to two electorate seats where she's helping guide candidates and rallying their armies of more than 20,000 volunteers.
The Commons Social Change Library
An online collection of educational resources on campaign strategy, community organising, digital campaigning, communications and media, working effectively in groups, fundraising, diversity and inclusion and much more.