Impact Report 2023

Grab our impact report to learn more about our work to climate-proof politics for good.

When our democracy desperately needed a shot in the arm, communities across Australia stood up.

This reports covers the enormous impact Climate 200-supported community groups across the nation have had since the 2022 Federal Election.

From policy-shifting state campaigns to a national referendum, tens of thousands of Aussies donned shirts, door knocked, donated, hosted kitchen table conversations and, ultimately, pushed our elected leaders to better represent their constituents.

I believed then and now: political change, driven authentically by the local community, and supported by a national movement, is the most effective, impactful and rapid way to see action on the climate, integrity and gender equality that Australia needs. Between us all, we have many, many passions that need support — but whatever your primary passion, a well-functioning political system must be our first priority.

— Simon Holmes à Court

Political leadership is the most effective climate action within sight.

An independent crossbench is essential for holding the government accountable and pushing for greater ambition in addressing the issue.

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