It’s legal to lie to voters in political ads

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It’s legal to lie to voters in political ads

We need to stop the lies.

The federal election could be as early as August next year,  there is an urgent need to ensure our elections are protected against misinformation and disinformation.

Voters should be armed with facts, not fallacies, when they go to the polls.

Far right groups like Advance cannot operate honestly or campaign fairly. Their business model depends on lies.

Climate 200 is all about levelling the playing field for community-backed leaders who are champions for climate action, political integrity and gender equality.

We want to see honest campaigns, and genuine community leadership. If far-right groups and the Coalition party increasingly resort to fear mongering they make politics even more uneven, unfair and challenging.

Your donation will help us spread this message far and wide, and counter Advance and other groups’ expensive advertising to promote misinformation.

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