Byron Fay
June 29, 2024

The seats we are funding

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Against the backdrop of Peter Dutton reigniting the climate wars and the Labor Party pandering to the gas lobby, our movement has been hard at work.

Across the country, community groups have been coming together to look at how they can elect their very own climate independent at the next Federal election.

Thanks to generous donations from our community, those groups are about to transform into people-powered independent campaigns – ready to run and win.

I’m proud to announce our Community Accelerator Fund has already raised more than a million dollars ($1,118,704 and counting!). And we’ve already awarded accelerator funding to nine communities looking to elect their very own independent climate champion at the next election.

The community groups in McPherson, Moncrieff, Fisher, and Fairfax in Queensland, Cowper and Bradfield in NSW, and Casey, Monash, and Wannon in Victoria will receive up to $50,000 each to turbo-charge their campaigns and help them find the next David Pocock or Dr Monqiue Ryan.

Over the coming months we’ll distribute every last cent of this fund directly to the groups that have the strongest chance of winning a seat at the Federal election.

These community groups are all at different stages on their journey to becoming a campaign ready to take on the major parties and win.

Community groups like those in Bradfield, Cowper and Wannon came so close to winning in 2022 and are ready to go again. Others are in the middle of their vital community listening phase, and some groups like McPherson Independent have already commenced their candidate search.

The Community Accelerator Fund helps groups pay for the simple but essential activities at the heart of growing a movement:

  • Hosting events in their local community to help build a community of volunteers
  • Printing flyers and T-shirts to support door knocking efforts
  • Running ads in the local paper to find the perfect candidate
  • Setting up a campaign HQ that will power them through to election day

Can you chip in to help community groups fund these essential activities?

Thank you for your support. This movement is only possible because of people like you.

Best regards,

Executive Director

Byron is a climate strategist, former Paris Agreement negotiator and adviser to the Independent Senator Tim Storer. Byron worked for a Biden-aligned Political Action Committee during the 2020 US presidential election, holds a Masters of Public Policy from the University of Oxford, and is a proud descendant of the Dharug nation.