Alex Lamb
April 18, 2024

Announcing: The Community Accelerator Fund

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Your support today could see a new wave of community independents join the crossbench.

Right now, more than a dozen community groups have set their sights on electing a new, independent MP at the next election.

Many could have what it takes to lead on climate, integrity and gender equity.

That’s why, as you may have seen on the front page of today’s Australian Financial Review, we’re launching the Community Accelerator Fund. This fund will help the strongest community groups lead campaigns powerful enough to take seats from incumbent MPs.

Do you want to support the next wave of community independents?

Click here to help turbocharge the community groups who’ll power them!

At the last election, people like you helped community-led independent campaigns defy the odds and take SEVEN seats from the climate-wrecking Morrison Government.

The work to build local campaigns this powerful doesn’t happen overnight. The community groups that won seven seats in 2022 started their work an average of 12 months out from the election. This is roughly how far out we are now from going back to the polls.

To have any hope of competing with the major parties, these emerging groups need serious resources. They need to pay for campaigning technology, recruit and manage staff and volunteers, secure a campaign HQ – and of course, find the perfect candidate to represent their community.

The incumbent MPs will have the benefit of party machinery, public funding, and no doubt the backing of the Murdoch Press. The best way to help community groups succeed is with early support. As we say time and time again, ‘early money is like yeast’ – it will help them rise.

Now's the time to help community groups by chipping in to the Community Accelerator Fund.

100% of your donation will go directly to community groups with a real chance of electing an independent climate champion.

Before there was David Pocock, there was Pro-ACT. Before there was Zoe Daniel, there was Voices of Goldstein. Before there was Sophie Scamps, there was Mackellar Rising.

Right now, there’s more than a dozen groups hoping to follow in their footsteps. By helping them now, at this critical point in the electoral cycle, we can give them the leg-up they need to accelerate and win.

If thousands of us chip in to supercharge these community-led independent campaigns, there could be a new cohort of climate champions joining the crossbench.

Every dollar donated to this fund will go directly to community campaigns with a viable chance of electing a climate champion.

Ready to help communities win?

Chip in to the Community Accelerator Fund today!

100% of your donation will go directly to community groups

Thank you for your support.

Best regards,

Head of Strategic Communications

Alex has worked in media, parliament, and the international development sector. Before joining Climate 200 she worked for Transparency International Australia, helping to coordinate a global campaign against corruption in the mining sector, and campaign for a national anti-corruption commission in Australia. Prior to that, she advocated for greater support for gender equality and reproductive rights in the Australian aid program