Alexandria Rantino
November 27, 2023

How to rig elections, an Honest Government Ad.

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Have you seen Juice Media’s latest ‘Honest Government Ad’?

It sets out the alarming changes the Government is gearing up to make to Australia’s election campaign rules.

(Warning: it’s a little bit sweary!)

Support for the major parties is at an all time low, and the media is reporting that Labor and the Coalition are concocting a plan to claw back the duopoly:

  1. Give themselves more taxpayer funding for their campaigns
  2. Cap the only funding outsiders have to challenge them
  3. Exempt their revenue from those caps.

When it comes to running election campaigns, the playing field is tilted away from independents. 

The major parties have a massive head start, thanks to the millions they receive in public and corporate funding and wall-to-wall media attention.

That’s why Climate 200 was founded. 

At the last federal election, we helped level the playing field so that communities around the country had a fighting chance at the ballot box. The result was epic, and has brought a breath of fresh air to Australian politics.

If these new laws are rushed through parliament by Labor and the Coalition, communities may forever be prevented from mounting competitive campaigns to challenge the status quo and gain true, local representation.

Will you help us spread the word about what these laws would mean for community independents, before it’s too late?

Please take a moment to watch this video and share with your friends. 

The Government has an opportunity right now to implement genuine reform of our election campaign rules. 

Instead of teaming up with the Coalition to rig the game in their favour, the government could choose to support Independent MP Kate Chaney’s Restoring Trust bill, which would improve transparency, reduce corporate influence and level the playing field in Australia’s elections. 

P.s. this is another reason why your support for Climate 200 is so important.

Can you chip in to help us level the playing field for Independents at the next election?

Chief Operating Officer

Alex has pursued climate action throughout her entire career, including as a Paris Agreement negotiator and a policy adviser at DFAT, the Climate Change Authority and United Nations Environment Programme. Alex is a qualified lawyer with honours degrees in law and media and communications at Melbourne University.